About Us

Welcome to Rosable Cargo Movers!

Rosable Cargo Movers We are one of leading transporter and logistics Co. We are offering a large variety of cargo- related services. we are catering western, Southern, Northen & Eastern sectors.

We have our own 20 ft container vehicle and also have a fleet of attached full body trucks, half body trucks ( capacity 9 M.T), light commercial vehicles (capacity 3.5/6 M.T),20feet & 40feet trailers (cap. 9 M.T./50 M.T.)

Our Mission

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance
  • Maintain High Ethical Standards
  • Freight Security
  • Deliver Environment
  • Welcome to Transports Inc
  • Clearance and compliance
  • compliance service
  • Environmentally Responsible

our special points

  • Delivery 24/7

    We offer assurance of safe and timely deliveries.

  • Organizing

    Closed and open trucks weighing 9mt. Tons and 16mt.

  • Warehousing

    DCM canters for cargo weighing 3.5/6mt. Tons.

  • Packing

    Arranging of 20 & 40 feet heavy and lightweight trailers for movement of containers.

We have committed staff members, who are deployed round the clock to provide our customers prompt and efficient services as required. We have associate offices in all metropolitan cities, we are also the member of ‘BGTA’ and applied for bank approval transporter.

Currently, the company arranges for movement of vehicles from Mumbai and location around Mumbai viz. Bhiwandi, Navasheva, Panvel, Silvaasa, Tarapur, Vashi and Palghar to locations throughout India and up to Benapol in Bangladesh.

Drawing inspiration from our work and the benchmark we set, we have been proving ourselves every day for the past two decades, in customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness and commitment to deadlines with the help of a qualified dedicated, professional and committed staff, who offer point-to-point handling solutions and cater to logistics requirement of every customer involved in the supply chain.

All urgent dispatches, project cargo which are time bound, delicate, fragile, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, leather goods, electronic goods and perishable shipments is part of our routine and handled with zest and professionalism.

As a result we have a select team that deals with the transportation of unaccompanied Baggage, Consulate TR (Transfer of Residence) and valuables like diamonds and other precious stones. We understand human sentiments hence particular attention is rendered towards transportation of pets and the Deceased (service to humanity).

Customer Reports and feedback is a key essence of our services, enabling the customer to make qualitative decisions in the event of an unprecedented crisis.

We offer assurance of safe and timely deliveries, flexibility with tailor-made solutions, accessibility for advice on trade and tariff, goodwill & competence with over 30 years of experience with one aim of providing true value.

We assemble resources, capabilities and technology of our own organization and of other organizations to design, build, and run comprehensive supply chain solutions. Our turnover increases annually with majority of the company's business from on-going repeat business and majority of new business being generated by personal referrals from our loyal customer base.

Rosable Cargo Movers was incorporated in 1999 with its goodwill, competence and experience gained over last 17 years of valued nurturing by various family oriented and multinational corporations. Today, our next-gen team, are proud to be recognized as pioneers in the industry with our 'Out-of-the-Box' thinking that has lead us to our success. We are future oriented, medium sized, family owned company with 17 years tradition and proven sound financial stability. We are Self-financed, independent, debt free company with no external financial involvement. We maintain strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

We are independent, singularly accountable, non-asset based integrator of your supply and demand chains. By remaining a non-asset owning buyer of services, we have no overhead costs to cover. This enables us to provide the most competitive be-spoke service, through our network of service providers. We work closely with clients to develop strategies and implement plans to add value to your international business.

Rosable Cargo Movers formerly Known as Rosable Transport Services is a service-oriented logistics company that has built a special character and personal over the last two decade. The company has metamorphosed from ubiquitous small-time specialized trucking to global multimodal logistics delivery by adopting modern technology, international quality control measures, fail-safe in-house system processes and sophisticated service delivery mechanisms. With ever-expanding need for project cargo logistics services, Rosable Cargo Movers has been playing a lead role in shaping the Indian infrastructure and supply chain by successfully contributing to the transportation & logistics segment.

Rosable Cargo Movers shot into the limelight when it began offering seamless turnkey project logistics - from budgeting, planning to successful project execution. The company’s capability to handle project cargo is unprecedented in India. With one of the largest and specialized fleets in the country to handle over-dimensional cargo, RCM could deliver any consignment anywhere in target time. Be it transportation of oil field equipment, wind mill components, power plant essentials, and movement of huge volumes or tonnage – Rosable Cargo Movers has a way to deliver. Rosable Cargo Movers introduced several innovative solutions in the industry. The 700+ fleet consists of mechanical trailers and trucks of varying dimensions – low bed, semi low bed, high bed & specialized floating axles, 500+ lines of hydraulic modular axles and over 150 extendable air suspension trailer axles [50-150 feet].

Thanks to top-drawer project study & analysis, excellent resource procurement, precise planning, on-board technical expertise, unique & incomparable infrastructure, and the indomitable chutzpah to overcome never-ending environmental challenges. Rosable Cargo Movers provides numerous value-additions that heighten a customer’s experience in many areas that include customs clearance, freight forwarding, contract logistics (warehousing & 3PL), and project cargo logistics.

Today, a leader in integrated project logistics Rosable Cargo Movers provides world-class supply chain solutions for large and medium-size national and international clients.

Rosable Cargo Movers is one of the oldest (established in 1999), reputed & professionally managed transportation & logistics company of our country.it is engaged in primary as well as secondary distribution with a national spread and very strong presence in Northern & Western Part of india with special focus on kolkata too. Operationally ,it is a well footed company with well experienced manpower available within the organization .Brand image is well established and strongly positioned.

We have Fully integrated in house developed IT system and end to end supply chain module i.e. from point of origin to point of consumption solutions. By virtue of our strong understanding of indian geography and difficult terrains, we effectively reach consumption and Supply clusters across the country and able to develop strong partnership models on win-win basis.